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Why Does Malaysia Have An American Flag

They both have the same successive red and white stripes that complement the left pool in blue. The Malaysian flag has the same similar characteristics: 13 stripes alternating between red and white, with the same blue square in the same corner as the United States flag. The Malaysian flag consists of a blue canton (with a 14-pointed yellow star and crescent moon) and 14 alternating red and white stripes.

The Malaysian flag consists of fourteen red and white stripes (along the flight) of equal width, dark blue union or state, crescent moon and stars. The Malaysian flag, known as the “Glorious Stripes”, has 14 red and white stripes, representing 13 member states and the federal government. The national flag of Malaysia is composed of fourteen alternating red and white horizontal stripes, combined with the blue squares with golden stars and crescents in the state. In the field of the Malaysian national flag, there are the crescent moon representing the Islamic religion and the 14-point stars representing the 14 states.

For USA flag; The 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies and 50 stars represent each state. Their 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies of the United States, and their 50 stars also represent the number of states. The blue on their flag represents the unity of the Malay people, while yellow is the royal color of the Malay rulers. The flag of Liberia has 11 stripes representing countries that have signed the Declaration of Independence of Liberia.

The flag of Liberia, with its red and white horizontal stripes and a blue upper left corner with a single white star, bears a certain resemblance to the American flag. The flag of Liberia is very similar to the US flag with the same stripes and even a blue square with a white star in the canton. The Liberian flag is perhaps the ideal model for the US flag with its red and white horizontal stripes.

The Togolese imitated the flag of the United States, but chose a different color with three green stripes between two reds. The Puerto Rico flag has five stripes (three red and two white) and a blue triangle with a white star. The Cuban flag consists of a red triangle on a hoist, a five-pointed white star and five alternating stripes (two white and three blue). The flag has 11 horizontal blue and white stripes, a red canton in the upper left corner, and inside it is a crescent moon and a five-pointed star, both white in color.

The flag of Malaysia is similar to the flag of the United States, with 14 alternating red and white stripes, with a blue quarter in the upper left corner with a crescent moon and a 14-pointed star.

The American Civil Liberties Union reported that Zanial Munir, an employee of Spirit Aerosystems and a Malaysian citizen, celebrated Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Fitr and Malaysia’s National Day at a leisure lake in Wichita on September 2, 2017, when she was the national flag of Malaysia. Is exhibited. The guest also took the Malaysian flag to the party held shortly after the 60th anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence Day. Jamaludin told the publication that more than 100 people attended the event and they sang the Malaysian national anthem before quickly changing the American flag. According to a lawsuit filed in Kansas Federal Court on Friday, it turns out that the September meeting was actually a Muslim holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan, and the ISIS flag in the United States was the flag of Malaysia. Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The investigation was based on the fact that a few days ago, on August 31, a group of Malaysians waved their flag in honor of the 60th anniversary of Malaysian independence. The flag, or JalurGemilang in Bahasa Malaysia, consists of 14 red and white stripes alternating with a blue stripe in the upper left corner.

Since the blue part of the left side symbolizes the unity of the Malays, the crescent moon with a 14-pointed star symbolizes Islam as the official religion in Malaysia. On the Malaysian flag, the 14 stripes and the 14-pointed star represent the 13 states and metropolitan area (we suck, DC) and the relationship between them, which I suppose is good, otherwise why put that on that damn flag.

Some complain that the Malaysian flag looks almost the same as the flag of the United States of America. Before the country had its own flag, each state in Malaysia (formerly called Malaysia) had its own flag; most of these flags have remained unchanged to this day.

In the national flag traditions of many independent countries united by Malaysia, special attention is paid to white, red, yellow, and black; in the Federal State of Malaysia, born on July 1, 1896, the horizontal stripes of these colors are the navy emblems. The Malaysian flag is also included and is called the Son of the Sun and Moon. It is modeled after the flag of the British East India Company, but its stripes, crescent and moon shapes reflect specific aspects of Malaysian culture and society.

It was officially passed in 1963, when the government decided to add stripes to the flag and point to a star to commemorate the states that joined the country when it was founded. After 1777, the Americans changed it to the 13-star flag, which is the predecessor of the 50-star flag as we know it today. However, the flag of the British East India Company has nine to thirteen red and white stripes and is usually only hoisted when sailing in the Indian Ocean. The first “official” flag is the “Mainland Flag”, also known as the “Greater League Flag”, consisting of 13 red and white stripes and the United Kingdom flag in the upper left corner, also known as the state flag.

The very first American flag had no stars, but the original flag of the Union of Great Britain was depicted in the upper left corner next to the 13 stripes. In 1818, the third Flag Act was signed, which set the stage for adding another star to the flag after each state joined the Union. Prior to this, only one star was added to the flag since July 4, 1822, when the states joined the union one by one.

This flag remained in use even after five more states joined the union. In this release, two new stars and two more stripes were added to the design, symbolizing the annexation of Vermont and Kentucky to the Union. As the formation of Malaysia added new states, the stars and stripes on the flag were also changed. However, the Malaysian flag was retained, but the 14th stripe and the tip of the star now represent the federal territories of Malaysia.

This was changed on September 16, 63, to the current 14 dots and stripes design when Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined Malaysia and formed Malaysia. These changes led to the emergence of the current flag of Malaysia called Jalur Gemilang, and it was first officially hoisted on the same day, September 16, 1963. The name of the Malaysian flag Jalur Gemilang means stripes of glory or magnificent stripes highlighting the core. Malaysia as a country.

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