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What language do they speak Singapore

We all know Singapore is famous for being a racial and multilingual country, but do you know how many languages ​​are in the island nation and what are those languages? So today we will find out what language they speak Singapore!

What language do they speak Singapore?

As mentioned above, the Singapore language will include 4 main languages:

Singaporean English

First, what language do they speak Singapore? English of course

Considered one of the important policies that play a great role in bringing Singapore from a poor country in Southeast Asia, a small part separated from Malaysia to become a dragon of Asia and the whole world. That world is bilingualism.


What language do they speak Singapore? English of course
What language do they speak Singapore? English of course

By using English widely everywhere from administration to education and daily life, Singapore has created an easy-to-follow and inclusive living environment to attract talents from all over the world. places in the world.

English has become the second language that all Singaporeans must know after their mother tongue.

Another interesting thing is that nowadays English in Singapore is not only standard English but also very delicately blended with Malaysian and Chinese creating a very interesting new language based on English (most things are in English with some special words replaced) called Singlish. However, Singlish is only used in daily life, but in documents or formal places, English must still be used.


What language do they speak Singapore? Next is Mandarin.

Up to three-quarters of the population on this lion island nation originates from the southern provinces of China so it is no wonder that Chinese is one of Singapore’s main languages.

As we all know, each region, even each Chinese province, has its language that is modified from basic Chinese, which also greatly affects the use of Chinese in Singapore.


Each different group of people uses a different dialect (dialect), so the Singapore government has issued policies to unify the use of Chinese in Singapore into one and only. is the most common language in China, Mandarin.

From the media to education, there is only one type of Chinese that is taught and used, which is Mandarin, there are only a few elderly people in the family, the first generations coming here also use the local language in daily communication.

Malay or Malaysian

Apart from the above two languages, what languages ​​do they speak Singapore? Is that Malay or Malaysian?
Malay is also one of the main languages ​​of Singapore along with English and Chinese.

Malay or Malaysian
Malay or Malaysian

Anyway, in past Singapore was also a part of Malaysia, even today there are still many influences of Malaysian culture on the daily life of Singaporeans.

The most obvious thing about the fact that Malay is the official language of the lion island nation is the fact that the country’s national anthem, the song “Majulah Singapura”, is entirely composed and performed in Malay.


And the final answer to the question “what language do they speak Singapore?” that’s Tamil.

It is a dialect of the Tamil Nadu region of India, as 90% of the Indian population living in Singapore comes from this region, making Tamil the most widely spoken official language among the Indians in the region. this.


As one of the three ethnic groups with a number of people living in the lion island nation, although only 9% of the population cannot compare with the Chinese or Malaysians, it is enough to make Tamil one of the languages. main of this country.


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