What is the greenhouse effect? Is it possible to fix it by using propane?

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon in which the Sun’s heat warms the atmosphere of our planet, trapping the heat.

Climate change is the most immediate threat to humanity. The greenhouse effect has the potential to accelerate global warming, but this is due to human activity. If we did not contaminate the air with industrial pollutants, the greenhouse effect would not harm our population.

What is the definition of the greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect happens when gases in the Earth’s atmosphere capture the Sun’s heat, according to definition. The Earth is substantially warmer as a result of this process than it would be if it did not have an atmosphere. One of the factors that contribute to Earth’s pleasant climate is the greenhouse effect.

We would perish if it weren’t for the greenhouse effect, so we can’t say it’s a bad thing; on the contrary, it keeps us alive. The reason this effect appears to be negative is that if we do not properly manage our gas emissions, the Earth’s atmosphere will heat up, making life on our wonderful planet impossible.

The greenhouse effect is caused by which gases?

Gas emissions fall into two categories:

  1. Causes that are both natural and man-made
  2. Global warming is caused by nature as well, however it is most often caused by unforeseeable occurrences or disasters. A meteor strike or a volcanic eruption, for example, can temporarily alter the global temperature. Temperature and precipitation are both affected by such natural calamities.

According to scientists, we are to blame for 99.99 percent of global warming. The major contributor to climate change is CO2 produced by industry. Its content in the atmosphere will have increased by 48% from pre-industrial times by 2020.

As greenhouse gases, CO2 and CH4

The greatest contributors to the greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide and methane emissions. The warming effect of methane emissions is 34 times stronger than CO2 over 100 years and 86 times stronger over 20 years. It is more greenhouse gas than CO2 in a short period of time. More information on current carbon emissions can be found here.

greenhouse effect
The greenhouse effect is caused by which gases

The greenhouse effect and global warming.

What is the greenhouse effect, and why is it called that? Greenhouses are built of glass, which allows light to enter and heat the environment. The heat is trapped behind the glass, however.

Our world is similarly affected: our atmosphere allows the Sun’s heat to pass through, warming the earth. The warmth is maintained by the atmosphere. However, if the atmosphere is polluted with too many greenhouse gases, the Earth will be unable to ‘cool down.’

greenhouse effect
The greenhouse effect and global warming.

Humans are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

But what options do we have?

Despite the fact that greenhouse gas pollution is at an all-time high, a strategy to reverse the trend is in place. Carbon emissions are being cut in half by first-world countries, the United States, and European Union member states by 2030.

Decarbonization has already begun in some EU countries. Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and France, as seen in the graph below, are cutting their CO2 emissions by 10-16% per year.


The consequences of the greenhouse effect are very serious.

greenhouse effect
The consequences of the greenhouse effect are very serious.

The first is to make big ecological changes. The more the desert expands, the more soil is eroded, the forest retreats further to the poles, the drought is very severe, and the rainfall increases by 7-11%. The more humid the winter, the drier the summer. The more humid the tropics, the more droughty the subtropical dry areas, causing irrigation works to be adjusted. The coastal area will be threatened by natural disasters. As temperatures increase, the polar ice caps will melt, causing the sea surface to rise more than 1m. Some scientists think that, because the temperature increases, the volume of water will expand, the sea level will rise by 0.2-1.4m. Currently, one-third of the world’s population lives in coastal areas, this area is also a place of industrial and agricultural development, if the sea level rises, many cities and ports will be flooded.

How to overcome the phenomenon of greenhouse effect

When developing industrial production, first of all, it is necessary to actively treat air pollution, research technology to convert CO2  into other substances, prevent methane, halogen, chlorine, fluorine gases… from being discharged. into the air.

greenhouse effect
How to overcome the phenomenon of greenhouse effect

Well protect forest trees, actively plant trees that cause forests, make CO2 convert into nutrients through the photosynthetic effect of green trees.

Finally, by all means reduce the digestibility of petroleum and coal energy, try to apply nuclear energy, solar energy, water and wind power to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the air.

Using propane for fuel is also a way to help protect the earth from the greenhouse effect.

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