5 reasons you should choose propane for your agricultural application

Propane offers tremendous cost reductions over other fuels while also allowing you to reduce pollution immediately.

To help feed seven billion people, a diverse energy solution is required. Propane can handle practically any farm operation, which is one of the reasons why more farmers are switching to it than ever before.

5 reasons you should choose propane for your agricultural application

Propane is inexpensive.

Propane equipment is designed to be as efficient as possible. As a result, it can help you save money on fuel for practically any application, from irrigation to building heating.

 reasons you should choose propane
Propane is inexpensive.

When compared to diesel equivalents, propane-fueled irrigation engines can save 45 percent on fuel costs per hour.

Modern propane grain dryers can save up to 50% on heat energy compared to earlier versions.

Propane can assist in environmental protection.

Propane can assist you in meeting even the most strict emissions goals: It has been demonstrated that it emits fewer pollutants than diesel or gasoline models.

Propane emits 43% less pollution than grid-generated electricity.

Propane is an alternative fuel that has been certified under the Clean Air Act of 1990. Propane complies with EPA requirements and meets Class 4 standards.

The World LPG Association forecasts that by 2040, we will be able to supply global propane demand entirely with renewable propane.

Power outages have no effect on propane.

 reasons you should choose propane
Power outages have no effect on propane.

Propane is available for usage across the country thanks to more than 60,000 miles of pipelines and hundreds of fuel agencies.

In a two-year period, the average firm will endure 3.5 outages. A short-term power outage can cost a medium-sized firm up to $14,000 in lost revenue.

More than 90% of the propane consumed in the United States is generated in the country. As a result, there is relatively low risk of issues.

Give a performance

Propane is a reliable source of energy for around 40% of farms in the United States.

Propane gas is used on more than 80000 farms in the United States for agricultural and heating purposes.

Furthermore, more than half of American farmers use propane as an energy source in their houses and businesses.


Agriculture Propane Products

 reasons you should choose propane
Agriculture Propane Products
  • Engines for Irrigation
  • Grain Drying Machines
  • Agricultural Structures Generators for heating water
  • Weed control using flames
  • Forklifts
  • Light-Duty Automobiles
  • Vehicles with a Medium-Duty Capacity
  • Mowers for commercial use
  • Distribution and storage
  • Propane irrigation motor advantages
  • A clean source of energy

Benefits of the Propane irrigation motor

According to research from the Gas Technology Institute, propane-powered irrigation engines emit up to 18% fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline and diesel-powered counterparts. It’s a clean gasoline, which means it’ll help keep your engine clean as well. A longer engine life with fewer maintenance concerns can be achieved with less deposits on engine components. Because propane is a harmless gas, no EPA spill prevention plan is required. You can be sure you’re following environmental rules when you use propane-powered irrigation engines. Models that have been certified by the EPA and CARB are available in all 50 states.

 reasons you should choose propane
Benefits of the Propane irrigation motor

You can rely on propane’s performance

Leading engine manufacturers designed and manufactured today’s EPA and CARB-certified propane-powered engines from the bottom up. They’re designed specifically to run on propane, so you’ll have reliable electricity when and when you need it. You won’t have to worry about grid-related power outages or gas line fluctuations because propane is portable and runs on its own system.

Propane also stores well, so you won’t have to drain tanks or stable your fuel from one season to the next. Furthermore, due to the nature of the transportation and storage system, fuel theft is a non-issue. Your propane provider will work with you to create a fuelling plan that keeps your tank full at all times.

Cutting-edge technologies

Propane-powered irrigation engines offer the most up-to-date technological improvements and features, making them an excellent choice for agricultural businesses. These high-performance engines may deliver continuous power of up to 300 horsepower. Remote monitoring and operating systems, in addition to the engines themselves, are available to help companies better manage their operations.

Above are the reasons you should choose propane for your agricultural application. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to understand more about the benefits that this fuel source brings and will use them in more activities.

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