List of Visa Free Country For Vietnam Citizens 2022

If you are a Vietnam citizen, then you will like to hear that you can travel to some of the countries without the need of passport. Yes, you can travel visa-free i.e. you will not need a visa vie eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or visa on arrival. To get all the information related to visa free country for Vietnam passport holders, read on. We have provided all the details about the countries that Vietnamese can visit without having a visa. All you need is a passport and some documents. Details are discussed below along with the list of the countries.

List of visa-free countries for Vietnam citizens:

Here is the list of countries that don’t need visa for the Vietnam citizens:

Cambodia: This is one of the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia. Cambodia has the coastline of Gulf of Thailand and mountains. It is a visa-free country for the Vietnamese. The maximum stay permitted here is 30 days.

Indonesia: This is another country in Southeast Asia which is quite popular for being a tourist destination. Many people from around the world come and visit Indonesia to enjoy the amazing island in full. This country also allows a maximum stay of 30 days for the Vietnamese without the need of visa.

Singapore: Want to enjoy the lavish and most modern city? Well, Singapore offers a maximum stay for about 30 days for the Vietnam citizens and it doesn’t require any visa. You must have the passport and you are good to go.

Barbados: This is a beautiful Caribbean island country which you can visit without the need of any visa if you are a Vietnam citizen. The island offers you with a maximum stay of 30 days. You can enjoy the beautiful and relaxed Caribbean life. Nothing can be better than a laid back vacation on an Island.

Malaysia: Another Asian country that allows the Vietnam citizens to travel without the need of any visa is Malaysia. Enjoy the beautiful country and its amazing lifestyle and natural beauty to the fullest. Malaysia allows you to stay there for a maximum of 30 days.

Philippines: The next country that you can visit for a lovely vacation is the Philippines. This Southeast Asia country offers the Vietnam people to stay for about 21 days. The best part is that you need a visa to travel here.

Visa-on-Arrival countries for Vietnam

Here is the list of the visa free country for Vietnam citizens but you will need visa-on-arrival:

Maldives: Enjoy the crystal blue ocean and relax by the beach at Maldives! You will get visa on arrival here in Maldives and you don’t have to apply for the visa or fly with on to get the permit to enter. Have a great vacation by the beach in this amazing country.

Nepal: This is another country that you can visit. Being a Vietnam citizen, you will need visa on arrival but you don’t require visa to travel to Nepal. Visit this country and enjoy the unique charm of this country. Enjoy the Buddhism heritage and culture in Nepal. You will love every bit of it.

Mauritius: The beautiful Island in East Africa offers serene and peaceful vacation spot for many tourists. The Vietnam citizens can travel here without visa but you will get visa on arrival. With the help of that, you can travel this beautiful country.

Bolivia: Enjoy the beautiful Andes Mountain and the stunning Atacama Desert along with the Amazon Rainforest at Bolivia. You can travel visa-free with Vietnam passport but you will get a visa on arrival for entering into the country.


These are some of the countries that you can visit without visa or have visa on arrival with Vietnam passport. You can choose a visa free country for Vietnam from this list and plan your vacation. But one thing that you must know is that due to COVID, some rules and regulations have changed regarding stay or visits. So, before you finalize any plan and book your tickets, it is better to discuss with a professional travel expert to know whether or not the country you want to visit visa free from Vietnam is permitting any visitors and tourists.

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