How to see the expiration date of a Propane tank and what they mean on the tank

Propane tanks are extremely tough, designed to properly store liquid propane gas under pressure while also withstanding harsh weather and elements. Even the toughest tank, however, has a shelf life and must be inspected and reviewed on a regular basis. Refer now to know how to see the expiration date of a Propane tank and what they mean on the tank.

On a propane tank, where is the expiry date?

date of a Propane tank
On a propane tank, where is the expiry date

The date of manufacturing or requalification is stamped on the collar of a propane tank. The format will be month-year — for example, 06-21 for June 2021.

Is my propane tank requalified?

The date will be followed by an E or H for tanks that have been requalified. The date should not be confused with the tank’s weight rating, which is stamped on the collar as well. TW18 for an 18-pound tank, for example.

How long do propane tanks in homes last?

Federal container rules apply in most states to big propane tanks used for household heating and hot water. A propane tank can only be filled by the owner or someone authorized to act on their behalf, according to these statutes. In actuality, most household propane users lease their tank from a fuel supplier, who is responsible for keeping track of the tank’s expiration date.

Leading industry organizations, such as the National Propane Gas Association, have approved federal container requirements, as well as additional regulations affecting smaller propane tank expiry dates. These laws help enforce a level of safety that protects all users, given the specialized nature of propane fuel and the necessity for well-maintained, dependable tanks.

How long do propane tanks last?

date of a Propane tank
How long do propane tanks last?

A bottle is certified for 12 years inank is running out of gas

The simplest method is to lo the United States and 10 years in Canada from the date of manufacture. Depending on the manner and kind of recertification, a tank is good for 5, 7, or 12 years.

How to tell if your propane tok at your propane tank’s collar or handle area. This won’t answer the question “when do propane tanks expire?” directly, but it will tell you when the tank was built or last certified. With a little background knowledge, you can figure out how much useful life your tank has left or whether it’s time to requalify it.

How to read a propane tank markings

A set of stamped markings can be found around the handle. These documents contain vital information regarding the tank’s origin and capacity rating. The manufacture date should be indicated on the handle, near the valve. It’s usually written in the normal Month-Year format. It would say “06-20” if your tank was built in June of 2020.
Each tank also has a unique identifying mark, similar to those found on cars. This enables the US Department of Transportation and propane dealers to keep track of and maintain safety data for each tank in use.

date of a Propane tank
How to read a propane tank markings?

The empty weight of the cylinder is shown as “TW” on additional markings. If you want to weigh the tank to see how much propane is left in it, this is useful. The “WC” mark denotes the water storage capacity, which allows dealers to estimate how much propane may be securely kept inside the tank.

It’s also very uncommon to see the identity of a requalifier imprinted into the handle area of your tank. You can determine how near the tank is to reaching its expiration date once you know the manufacture or recertification date.


How to figure out when a propane tank has to be recertified

The recertification date of a propane tank is usually represented by a letter rather than digits. Each quarter of the year is represented by the letters A, B, C, and D. The letter “A,” followed by the two numbers of the year, indicates that the tank was recertified in January, February, or March. A tank labeled with “A 20” would reflect the first quarter of 2020 in this situation. The type of recertification is indicated by additional letters, which helps define the frequency of follow-up inspections.

date of a Propane tank
How to figure out when a propane tank has to be recertified?

Of course, if you discover signs of damage or excessive wear, such as dents, bulges, or cracks, or if the valve isn’t working properly, you should get the tank inspected by your local Ferrellgas dealer. Despite the fact that these tanks are rated for 10-12 years of use, misuse or neglect might reduce their usable life.

When your propane tank runs out, what should you do?

If you have an expired or near-expiration tank, you can exchange it for a $20 Amazon eGift card at a qualifying Ferrellgas office for a short time. Find out more about this promotion by clicking here. If you don’t live near a participating location, simply exchange for a new Blue Rhino tank the next time you need gas. Qualifications are handled by Blue Rhino. Here’s where you can find a Blue Rhino near you. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a certified service expert who knows how to inspect and qualify a tank properly.

date of a Propane tank
When your propane tank runs out, what should you do?

Keep yourself safe by checking your tank’s expiration date on a regular basis.

Understanding these subtle signs can help you determine when it’s time to switch your tank at one of the thousands of Blue Rhino tank exchange facilities across the country. You’ll also rest easy knowing that your tank has been thoroughly inspected and found to be safe according to industry standards. Please keep in mind that any unused tanks can be dropped off at any Ferrellgas location or at any Blue Rhino exchange point next to the cage.

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