What are the advantages of ePacket shipping?

What is the Process of ePacket?

ePacket shipping ensures that your clients receive their packages in a timely manner while also allowing them to track their orders in real time while they wait. The delivery process begins with the parcel being delivered to the border by a carrier in Hong Kong or China. The package is then transported to the customer’s location via an overseas carrier. After crossing the border into the target country, the parcel is picked up by a local carrier who is then responsible for delivering it to the customer’s address. The time it takes for an ePacket to arrive depends on its destination and delivery mode.

What Is ePacket Delivery?

ePacket shipping
What is ePacket delivery?

On AliExpress, you’ll frequently notice Chinese suppliers providing ePacket shipping. ePacket shipping was created to help ecommerce customers receive their goods faster and at a reduced cost from online retailers that source things from China and Hong Kong, as the name implies. Any supplier can offer ePacket shipping as long as their package meets the ePacket delivery requirements.

What Is ePacket Delivery and How Does It Work?

ePacket delivery began as a low-cost, speedy shipping option for traditional and dropshipping businesses shipping to the United States. ePacket has extended to over 40 foreign destinations, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The ePacket delivery to the ultimate destination is handled by a local carrier. Local carriers include USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, and others that operate within the package destination country. Fees, package dimensions, and delivery processes vary by carrier.


What do you need to use the ePacket delivery method?

ePacket shipping
What do you need to use the ePacket delivery method?

According to information published by the USPS, there are numerous requirements that must be completed when sending a package or parcel by ePacket delivery. These specifications relate to the product’s weight and size, as well as its price.


The package being sent cannot weigh more than 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs). The goods, the filler material, the shipping box, and any other packing materials are all included in this weight. The lone exemption is when shipping to Israel, where shipments can weigh up to 3 kilograms (6.6 lbs).


Any product being transported must be valued for less than $400 USD and must be shipped from China or Hong Kong to one of the countries that accept ePacket delivery. These nations will be discussed further down.

Minimum Package Dimensions

The length and width of a standard packet should not be less than 14 cm and 11 cm, respectively.

A rolled-up packet should be at least 11 centimeters long. Furthermore, the length plus twice the diameter should be greater than 17 cm. To take advantage of this ecommerce shipping strategy, merchants often utilize a larger box and add filler material for items less than this.

Maximum Package Dimensions

A standard package’s longest side should not exceed 60 cm. In addition, the length, width, and height combined should not exceed 90 cm. A rolled-up package’s longest side should not exceed 90 cm in length. Furthermore, the length plus twice the diameter should not exceed 104 cm.

What are the advantages of ePacket shipping?

ePacket shipping
What are the advantages of ePacket shipping?

The number of countries with ePacket access is constantly expanding. This is unsurprising given the numerous benefits of employing ePacket delivery.

1. Faster: Traditional shipping methods from China to other parts of the world take months. You can expect substantially faster delivery times with ePacket shipping. Of course, you’ll never beat Amazon’s delivery times, but you may safely anticipate your shipment to arrive within three weeks.

2. Less expensive: Because ePacket has lower delivery charges, you can offer your products at a lower price.

3. Door-to-door marketing ePacket delivery in China gives clients with the option of end-to-end tracking at no additional cost. The ability to trace the ePacket on official websites like EMS and USPS is quite useful.

4. Free returns on any undeliverable items: Another advantage for customers is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any undeliverable item will be returned at no cost to them. This enhances the customer-merchant connection since online retailers would be able to repay clients for products that were not delivered correctly.

5. Payment of postal customs: The recipient of the package is responsible for any customs, tariffs, and/or taxes. Customers may be asked to pay any applicable taxes and fees as the ePacket package passes through ordinary customs clearance.

Prior to the launch of ePacket, China EMS was the primary option for cost-effective delivery of client goods. The disadvantage was that consumers’ orders would frequently take more than a month to arrive. Other solutions were prohibitively expensive, especially when contrasted to the product’s price.

Keep in mind that not all products are eligible for free shipping. Some are too large or too light to fit into an ePacket. Buyers cannot profit from ePacket shipping since it must be transported from either China or Hong Kong. This means that if some dropshipping sellers have products shipping within the US, customers will not be able to use it.

Which Countries Have ePacket Shipping?

As of April 2021, the following nations will be able to take advantage of China Post’s low-cost ePacket service:

The United Kingdom
Italy Ireland Hong Kong
New Zealand (NZ)
Saudi Arabia is a country in the Middle East.
Korea, South
Great Britain
States of America

All states, territories, and military addresses in the United States can receive packages.

ePacket Shipping Times on Average

From the date of dispatch, a parcel sent to the United States takes on average 10-20 days to arrive. Due to customs, holidays, and other delays, some locations may see slightly longer or similar shipping periods. However, ePacket shipping is still a more cost-effective option than other Hong Kong and China shipping options. Considering the amount of parcels processed in bulk along the road to their destination, as well as the number of stops a parcel must pass through, ePacket is still quite quick. In addition, most ePacket deliveries include ePacket shipping tracking, which gives consumers peace of mind by allowing them to trace their products as they travel.

Dropshipping and ePacket

ePacket shipping
Dropshipping and ePacket

When it comes to dropshipping, the majority of products are made in China or Hong Kong, which means many suppliers are also located there.

One of the reasons why dropshipping products are relatively affordable to source is because of the ePacket shipping option.

When faced with high delivery costs and long wait times, the advantages of buying an inexpensive item can be offset. These factors may prompt online customers to reconsider their purchase at the point of sale. For dropshipping orders, ePacket delivery substantially reduces shipping time. Fast shipment helps you retain a great relationship with both new and returning consumers.

People desire immediate gratification, thus cutting shipping times will only help you sell more.

The convenience of ordering a product with short shipping periods is one of the main reasons for Amazon’s dominance over other shops. With ePacket shipping, you can meet your clients’ needs while also tracking their delivery.

With the indisputable advantages that ePacket shipping provides your company, it should be one of your top priorities when determining which products to dropship. For both merchants and customers, ePacket is a very safe alternative. If the bulk of your clients are local, you will have an edge in terms of delivery time. When launching a dropshipping business, dependable and fast delivery is critical.

Merchants on websites like eBay, AliExpress, and JD.com offer ePacket delivery as a shipping option from China. However, the use of ePackets is not restricted to these.

Using China ePacket tracking and delivery changes the game for ecommerce businesses looking to buy low-cost products from dropshipping suppliers while keeping their customers’ shipment times short.

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